Blog post about my Greed coin collection strategy

Hi all,

A while back when the Greed tournament ended I promised some blog posts about my strategy. Well, it’s been some time now, but I have finally made another post that goes through the code for my coin collection strategy in a bit more detail:

Comments and criticism are encouraged (be kind though please :)). I will talk about the unit selection code in another post — this one already got a bit long!

Hopefully this will be interesting to some Greed players out there.

Cheers dudes!


This is pretty sweet. Since you asked for feedback: some interspersed screenshots and forward links from the first blog entry would make it even sweeter!

Really interesting that you didn’t yet experiment with fractional powers–that would be one of the first things that I would try to optimize from here.

Thanks nick! Cheers for the feedback; I will see what I can do about these when I next get a chance.

Thanks for this, I have been working on implementing the collection strategy in Gold Rush (I thought it was pretty interesting, the gravity idea, but didn’t just want to copy for Greed) it actually doesn’t rank badly, with my implementation ranking at about 20-30, depending on how much I messed with parameters, still trying to get it to rank a bit higher and it seems to be the only one on Gold Rush to act that way.