Greed tournament: game specification, parameters and simulation


I am very interested in this tournament. Usually competitions of this kind have clear pdf-form specification with description of unit types, field size and coin generation – I am not very familiar with the website interface, so some of this things might be described inside coding area, but I would like to spend as little time as I can in browser and to make my own simple simulator to efficiently compare my different strategies instead of having to spend hours watching replays. Such parameters might be gathered by hand, but I would like very much if organizers would understand the need for this and give it away :smiley:

Thank you for this exiting competition!

Hi @coldhands! The full level is a product of the game engine and a lot of configuration, most of which is contained in the level editor, with some in our GitHub, but that’s too much information to be helpful! We try to make the most important details available in the in-game docs from the level, because there’s no way we could exhaustively give enough details to reimplement the scenario from scratch. The Guide is where the unit stats are displayed, and you can click on a unit to get more detailed stats, or open it up in the level editor to get even more detailed stats. You may be interested to know some more stats that aren’t in there:

  • All fighting units move at 5 m/s
  • The peasants/peons move at 10 m/s
  • Turns take 0.25 seconds
  • Resources spawn every turn seconds with probabilities of 5% gem (5), 10% gold (3), 20% copper (1), and 65% silver (2)
  • Coins spawn between (0, 0) and (85, 70)

Hope this helps!

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