Blue haze around some avatars


So whenever I am scrolling down the Latest section, sometimes I see a blue haze around some people’s avatars. What is this for?


Hover over their profile pictures and you’ll find out


Well I’m on my phone so I can’t do that XD


A blue haze means that the user is both the original poster (created the topic) and the most recent poster. (You’re welcome :slight_smile:)


LOL(How about an orange/gold haze for people who made it, the most recent poster, the person who pinned it, and the person who closed it. ) XD I didn’t want to say the… You know what. :expressionless:


Thanks everyone

I hate 20 characters!!


What do I know? (or don’t know it seems)


What should have appeared in the parentheses instead of a suggestion.


I don’t get it. (stupid 20 chars)


You got it. ·™º ç˙å®å熴®ßº <- Try solving this.


Seems like a math problem. (Notice the beta and the degree symbol at the end :wink:)


It says 20 characters I’m pretty sure?


Hmm. yes but how did I get it? That’s step 2


On word there’s a font which turns words into symbols. or a website.


Nope, none of those are correct :stuck_out_tongue:


It has the same letters just with accents from different languages and the R from the registered logo and some of the Russian alphabet maybe.


Ur getting further from getting the answer. XD


I seriously don’t care. Especially since fortnite characters are ugly. :stuck_out_tongue: