Brittle morale JS, confused [Solved]

{Redacted for being almost complete code}
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Link to level: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript?

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Give me a second to figure out the error here. Have you tried to submit it several times?

No, my hero does not say anything so I wont bother.

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idk what’s wrong with your code

Huh, weird does it work when you submit my code?

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No, maybe your indents are off (it may not matter though)

Do you have any errors?

Kind of strange, looks very similar to my python code on Quin wentain but you may be right (hating javascript indention noises)

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Your problem is here. The blue lines say that it should be less than the enemies.length and not greater than

Congrats on beating the level @QinWentian! :partying_face:

Hooray! Yay it was quite funny how it was one little mistake

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Yo @QinWentian you should delete your first post, because it is almost the fully functioning code and with my help it can be abused and people can just use this instead of their own code

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