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Browser question (was: Crash, Crash, Crash (venting))


I don’t blame CodeCombat. Just venting.

Sarven Brawl LOVES to crash when I submit. I win the “run” version just fine, but submit and it crashes. So I get to wait a day so it can crash again when I submit. (I can only remember one legit loss.)

I would ask for a feature where in crashing the game didn’t cause the 24hr wait, but then certain people would just “pull the plug” if they were losing.

Why do I say I don’t blame CodeCombat . . . because Google chrome (and Firefox) like to crash on other pages (non-codecombat) as well.


Hmm, are there any other linux browsers that codecombat works with?
I’d love to be able to play without wondering when the next crash will come.


While I wait for an answer I decided to try some browsers…

QupZilla Version 1.4.4 WebKit version 537.21 (version from fedora repos)

Gets an error while loading the first level

I Love the warning I get when running midori 0.5.9 (again version from fedora repo):
I can’t figure out how to “inspect” anything, so all I can say is that it hangs at about the same spot on the “loading progress” bar as in the pic above.
(also it asks for "MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) decoder, but doesn’t know where to get it.)

Konqueror Version 4.14.4 (from repo)
Brings up the plain whatever color that is background and never displays the page.

Epiphany (Web)
Woah! where did the Fancy floating pics for choosing a “world” come from, never seen that before.
Anyway, “Web” hangs during load like unto Midori (also has same plugin request)

Was going to try Opera, but "they " don’t make it easy, and I’d rather go to bed than fight with it. :smile:


We can’t really support these other browsers, but I would love to get the crashing fixed for you in Chrome and Firefox. Can you open up some Fedora system monitor for Firefox, or the Chrome task manager for Chrome, and see if there is a pattern to when these tabs are crashing, perhaps memory climbing to a certain point (like 1.8GB) and then crashing? Or if crashes happen when memory is both high (1.5+GB) and low (400-800 MB)?


I dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP (32-bit) and noticed that both Firefox and Chrome crash under XP quite regularly. No pattern to it that I could discern, memory usage would be anywhere from 1 - 2.5GB, never more than about 70% of whats available. But no reason for you to be supporting ancient OSs that hardly anyone uses anymore.

Under Windows 7 I never get crashes during a map on either browser, only occasionally while simulating games (if I leave the simulator running for a long time). I do have games where everything will freeze up for a good 10-15 seconds, when memory usage starts getting high. I also observed that memory usage tends to stay high between starting new maps, indicating that there may be a lot of memory that’s not getting released between maps.


I’ve seen a huge increase in crashing as well the past few weeks. My simulations rarely go for more than an hour or so before getting the aw snap message and having to be refreshed manually.


Same for me, under win seven and chrome.
After few simulation of my own code, the tab crash and I have to reload the page. Very often, it slows down before crashing.
If i simulate games for others, the tab also crash after some time (don’t know, around one hour maybe).


I’ve started a new GitHub issue to track this one.