CodeCombat - Don't Start


Hello very good, I want to have the problem with CodeCombat again, but I have the problem that never starts the game can be seen on the loading screen

Look at the time of this, I was beginning to load

Now in this, about 30 minutes later, and it continues exactly at the same point.

Now try to empty the browser cache (Firefox 52.0.6 ESR 64 Bit) and delete things like cookies, saved sessions and a game of all.

Does anybody know how I can fix it?


Try looking whats the problem in the console.


Firefox is currently on version 58. Try updating your browser. Also, have you tried a different browser?


Yeah I think you need to upgrade your browser.


What should I look for in the console ?


No, because the ESR version, is a version with extended support, for Home Users, Schools, and things like that. and too many extensions i use, not all are ported to the new firefox engine.