Bug for replies and topics in profile

I was looking at my account and I saw this
Screenshot 2021-03-25 5.00.43 PM
For some reason it doesn’t say my level help topics.

It doesn’t also show the mind-blowing number of off-topic posts of you and many other Members and Regulars. This is only from one topic!

Is that Doritos topic? XD

Yeah that is the Doritos topic. I’ll see if I find more of these problems.

It doesn’t its how all my off-topic posts too. Same for @CocoCharlie. I wonder if off-topic topics and replies are bugged?

I have this bug too. It doesn’t show (my posts):

  1. Off topic posts
  2. Russian Category posts
  3. Level Help posts

I created around 2k posts, but the sum of posts that I can see in my profile is 390.
This is kinda strange…


Chaboi also has it. This is getting creepy.

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I’m confused myself. Maybe there’s too many off topic posts so they can’t be indexed due to the sheer size? :man_shrugging:


Well for Falcons118 his off topic replies are still there but not level help.

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Maybe that’s true about off topic posts. But I wrote about 30 posts in Russian Category. and I don’t see them.


Yeah, I think that’s changed recently.
Last time I checked, I had about 800 replies on level help topics, now it’s probably more, but it doesn’t show it. Neither does it show the probably quite large number of off-topic posts.
Who knows? Maybe the discourse has finally cracked under the pressure of too many posts, or maybe it’s some server/database issue, I really couldn’t say.


Well, anyway, I’d like to remind everyone that the Leaders can’t fix this, cuz it’s not their website.

Possible. Look at @Falcons118 his #off-topic posts weren’t affected even though they are the majority of his posts.

yeah I cant see my Level help topics but can see the off topic

This is a totally unrelated bug but.
On a closed topic it showed reply for some reason
Screenshot 2021-03-28 9.05.32 PM

Maybe it’s closed only for some people?


No its closed for me. People were arguing about COVID there, so Chaboi had to close it. I was asleep so I did not really get the full story behind it

This is getting off-topic.

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True. I think maybe some certain categories may not show this feature? Cuz when I try to reassign a category to solved, then I’m not able to, because the category is not there

Only staff can switch a category to #solved

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