Hello everybody

I am new here how does this work?

Hello! welcome to the discourse! :partying_face: This is a place for coding! So you can make a topic on the levels you need help with! Or you can just talk about Off-topic stuff!


Hi @The_weird_person, welcome to the Discourse! :partying_face: This is a friendly place to chat and ask for help on CodeCombat levels (remember to format your code correctly), or you can chat about other things in Off-Topic threads. Before you continue, don’t forget to read the guidelines here if you haven’t already.
We hope you enjoy your time here! :tada:


Also, @The_weird_person, a little thing about @ usage. The @ system is very similar to the one on Discord (Which based on the attempted usage of @here, I’m guessing that’s what you’re used to), where you can mention a user with, for example @Yisrael_Hefter (me), but @here and @everyone does not work, but @staff or @moderators does. BTW, even though that’s the case, the reason I added the spoilers for everyone and here was just in case a user with the name “here” or “everyone” was actually a member of the Discourse or becomes a member later on. The one for moderators and staff was so I don’t ping the Discourse moderators or the CodeCombat staff.


I don’t think the staff/admin/moderator pings do anything:


Huh. That’s weird ig they disabled it.
About time though people used it so often for no reason :skull:


Ok thanks everybody :slight_smile:

Could a regular switch this to Level Help, then when I mark a solution move it back to Off-Topic

Thanks @Piano_Zombie

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