Bug In the level ogre-gorge-gouger

in this level it’s required to collect 60 gems while the level only have 58 gems at all
is there a trick or this is a bug to be fixed

Every time you submit there is a new seed so I guess the amount of coins could vary from submit to submit. But if I remember correctly the main problem was that of getting killed if you didn’t leave in time rather than a lack of coins.

Try submitting a few more times and see what happens.

that’s true after replaying 2 times i found more than enough
also the time given is more than enough so i changed the conditions from the time to the amount of gold so i can beat of the level requirements

Nice do or die attitude there to use gold collected as quitting condition. Being a whimp I used a timer instead and escaped with my life but poor and dishonored…

If there is enough time or not depends on several factors like speed and how you collect the coins. I had to try several times to clear the bonus goal I remember.

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