Ogre gorge gouger --- Multiple Glitches


I spend tonnes of extra time tweaking code and going back to up my score once I come up with better ways of doing things…

I rake in over 114 gold on this level… however I am not given credit for over 84… I should be in the top 10.


When I get to line 44 & 45 my hero tries to run to (13, 36) but looks like he hits an invisible wall at about X=23, pauses there… then builds the fences…

There is nothing in the upper code to cause a limitation on my movements at this point…

Please help if you can.

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It might be a bug in the level. I will try to notify Nick about it as soon as I can.

Thank you for notifying the Forum.

Thank you Hellenar… I sent the code over.

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Thank you. I will try to notify other Forum members shortly.
Happy to help.

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Could you post your code? I can’t reproduce this bug.



I had cleaned my cache and tried both:

Opera 43.0.2
Firefox Developer Edition

I added path finding for the hero. Could you try it now? (Maybe need some cache cleaning). Also one fence is enough.

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It worked. Thank you very much. I’d say I owe you one, but I will pass the karma forward :wink:

Thank you once again Bryukh… I hope you have a good day.

Np. it’s our job (and hobby) to help CodeCombat players.

I have taken ALOT of extra time along the way to tweak my codes in order to hit the top 20 in almost every single level… however even though I collected 114 gold which qualified me for the top 10 in this level, it didn’t register… ???