[Bugged] Gas Attack, Sarven Desert and see through walls

Just want to say for anyone googling this level out of frustration, make sure you have the right glasses on. Took me 20 minutes to realize the problem wasn’t my code, it was my hero not being able to see the enemies.

edit: NVM it was my fault for not reading all the notes: [Note] Gas Attack, Sarven Desert and see through walls

Never google a level. It ruins the purpose of the game.

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In this case, it would have saved me a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Yeah but you’re never gonna be officially passing the level since you cheated your way through it by googling it. :frowning_face:

The reason I made this thread is because googling turned up nothing useful. But regardless, I’m not going to waste so much time if I can avoid it. I don’t care if it’s cheating as long as I’m still learning what I need to know.

Well you didn’t write the code so I won’t consider that learning

oh well you’re wrong, but thanks for sharing your opinion.

Opinions can’t be wrong. And BTW it’s true

Opinions can be wrong. I bet you could think of a lot of wrong opinions if you tried.

And if it were true, I never would have made it through Calc II. Tutors showing me what I did wrong and me learning from it is the only reason I ever learned anything from that course. Otherwise I would have just been overwhelmed.

Anyway, I didn’t make this thread to get into an argument over this. I just wanted it here for people who may have the same problem I had.

I know that you don’t learn math by looking at the solution. There is a difference between showing someone what’s wrong and just looking at the solution.

Looking at the solution won’t let you learn anything. Showing someone what’s wrong let them know how to fix their mistake and not make it in the future. That’s what the forum is for. It’s for pointing out mistakes, not for giving solutions.

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Looking at the solution has it’s place in math as well. They even sell solutions manuals for math and physics textbooks, and believe me when I tell you those can be a life saver.

If you guys don’t learn from looking at solutions, that’s fine. Some of us do though, so you either have to accept that or agree to disagree with me about it.

And I don’t think any of this is even relevant to the reason I made this thread anyway.

I know that, but learning from your own solution can be twice as important than learning from other’s solutions. I prefer learning from my solution, but it can be sometimes useful when learning from solutions when you really don’t know the answer and how to solve it. But laziness, no that’s not good for you.

Cool, but no one asked.

Can you name the problem glasses?

Any glasses that allow you to see through walls. Can’t remember which ones I was using at the time.

only twilight glasses will allow you to see through walls.

Oh then that must be them.

I used them and it was fine

My bad, the problem glasses are any glasses that DON’T allow you to see through walls.

I think you had a problem with your code. It’s strange, but you can complete the level with any glasses from Mahogany to Twilight.
I used this code to display friends in the console:

var friends = hero.findFriends();
for (var i in friends)

Mahogany glasses:

Twilight glasses:

Right you can see the console log. So the designer intentionally modified all glasses to see through walls ( and in the process broke them :wink: ) It’s for me some kind of bug…