Boom! and Bust bug

Some how I used this code and it said undefined error of the reading (length) (little ducky part)
code is this:

hero.blink({'x':30, 'y':30})
hero.moveXY(39, 30)
hero.backstab("Dungeon Door")
hero.moveXY(40, 34)

Pls help ty

what hero?

do u have the potion belt?

I do, and I’m using Ritic (note my fav hero is ritic lol)

oh… do u have a dagger?

(also i think this is a dungeon level so blink may not work)

Yeah, I have the shiver (the 21000 gem one)


off topic but gg on ritic+shiver

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I tried the dungeons of kithgard, the first level with blink. and it worked at 4.5s (i did that after I did 3.5s)

hmmm… lemme try real quick…

(btw i reset my acc just to do this…)

can i do with senick?

Ok. But for 2 random tries, it passed, but I’m not on the leaderboard but i’m fine with it.

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???(20 chars)

And the level ends at 0.9s lol

i reset my progress and u finish when i do…(Time to speedrun cc)

Yeeee, speedrun till forest (youll need subscription tho)

There’s always the same error when you backstab a chest or a door

how and why?(20 chars)

i don’t know(20 charsr>

Maybe because doors aren’t enemies, just… Doors? If I saw someone backstabbing a door idk what I’d do…

(I have got to change this pfp, I’m finding it hard to take myself seriously because of it…)