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Bugs in Wizard's Door


I was doing the level fine and I ran it and it worked fine but when I submitted it to run the level it said my code was wrong but when I ran it everything worked fine. I don’t know if this is a bug or not!
Please HELP!!


Please post your code and the link to the level so it is easier for us to help you. Make sure to follow the FAQ when posting your code.


How do I give you the code??


Is Wizard’s Door a level?
If so, you must have an area to type your code in…
Copy everything in that area, and paste it here. Make sure to follow the FAQ


Like this @Skunk
use 3 back ticks (`)

talk= ("You see the gray box? That means that you can copy\paste. Or yo can press this button")

Xzanos say (talk + "to have those `'s in there for you!!!!")


Compare without formatting:
hero.say(“This text has no formatting. Without the backticks, indentation cannot be displayed, which makes it harder to read.”)
while True:
hero.say(“This is actually indented, but due to there being no formatting, it doesn’t show up.”)
With formatting, as @Xzanos has demonstrated already:

hero.say("This text is formatted. Indentations can be viewed here so you can read it more easily.")
while True:
    hero.say("Like this! :D")

You can format in the middle of a line too, just surround your text with one backtick instead of three, like this.