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Bugs with Flags


So I’m working with a couple different levels using flags, here are a couple of issues I’m having:

  1. One complaint about the level and flags in general is that when the map is randomized, I don’t want the flags appearing in the same spots the next time by default. Would be nice if it could be set such that when I choose submit all my flags are cleared, at least on a level like this one where old flags are no good.

  2. If I place a flag and my dude starts moving toward it, then I place the flag elsewhere, he finishes doing what he was told for the first flag then runs to the second flag and removes it. Basically it seems that the newly placed flag is the same object as the flag that was removed when I placed the green flag again. This is from the ‘drop-the-flag’ level where i placed the flag in the wrong spot, he started running for it, then I placed the flag somewhere else. He dropped a bomb at the first location (I expected this and it makes sense). He then proceeded to go to the newly placed flag and pick it up without first dropping a trap.


The first bug is fixed; I am deploying now. Thanks for the heads up.

For the second bug, I’ll see what I can do! It should probably just fail to pick up the moved flag.


This is going to be harder than it seemed at first, so I’m not sure when I will be able to get it.


Nice Flags levels.I actually dint know how flags worked.These new levels are really nice :slight_smile: The last one “Treasure Groove” was quite a tough one :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think just ignoring the moved flag is the right thing to do as well.