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Burlbole Grove - adventurer feedback

please don’t post solutions.

ok sorry! @Eric_Tang

I won! thank you @xython. My bow is “Large Bolt Crossbow”. Oh and also I will try to win the level with the “Lightning stick” and I will send you guys the solution if you want.

Please don’t give solutions to anybody.

As you can see from (level by an unknown user - I congratulate her/him for the creation of it :slight_smile: )

using the “Lightning Stick” kills the two right side munchkins with a single shot. I think it will be pretty hard to complete “Burlbole Grove” with this weapon because the burls are so densely packed.

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hi if anyone is still online pls help me on a level called “Greed Traps” I made a topic already it’s right down here:Greed Traps Help Please