Burlbole Grove - adventurer feedback

Nice level, overall.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the ogres will get stuck on the burls causing the submission to run out of time.


I ran out of time when some woods got between some munchkins and my hero, though moving toward the center when not near an enemy solves that problem if the player has boots with that function. Would it work to remove the blocking terrain?

I ran the same batch of code while on a mage and on a warrior. It fails as a mage and succeeds as a warrior. You may want to disable the mages for this level.

Why? Because the warrior code doesn’t work for mages? I think it’s obvious, they are different types and sample codes and guides usually describe “excepted hero” logic. But it’s not a reason to restrict alternative solutions.

For example, I just passed that level with a mage and “flame-armor”.

could you take a look at this tnx

Hi, I need some help with my level could you please help me? here is my code:

Hi, yes I can help you but next time can you make a new topic.
The problem is the return True at the top the comment says else return true so the only thing you are missing is to add a else and indent the return True.

shouldAttack(target) function seems OK including the last return True statement where else is not needed.
What hero are you using? A wizard with an expensive staff?

no I am using Amara Arrowhead who uses crossbows and I’m using the crossbow/gun called:“Lightning Stick”

Thank you @Eric_Tang

Hi, I changed my code but I’m still not winning why? Here is my code:

I think you need more armour.

Ok, I’ll try that! Thx for helping me everyone!

but if my health is 663 is that enough?
Did you finish the level? If you did how much health did you have?

Well I used Ritic and had a regen ring but I’ll take my armour off and try.

Here is what I used I had 8 hp and lost 4 hp
Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 3.36.36 PM

I tried with the hunting rifle and it wasn’t a success because Amara couldint see the enemies until the ywere too close and the hunting rifle was slow so amara died.

I don’t know what others have told you but chose your weapons wisely:

Almost all levels are designed to be passed with a simple weapon and simple hero, so try something more ordinary. Will be happy to see a video solution with a “Lightning Stick”

here is my character:Screenshot 2021-02-21 at 14.33.07

Thx @xython I really appreciate your support! I will try that out