New Level(Feedback Please)

So I made a new level. It’s my first level, so please give feedback. Link is below.

The link

It seems like one of those levels where people just put ogres and humans in. Could you add a storyline and a bit more combat? Right now, there are just a few ogres coming at you. Could you make it a bit more of a challenge?

I just added a huge but slow brawler. Now what should I do next

Infinite Loop Detected

The initial code to build the world never finished running. It’s probably either really slow or has an infinite loop. Or there might be a bug. You can either try running this code again or reset the code to the default state. If that doesn’t fix it, please let us know.

You can also open the developer console to see what might be going wrong.(instructions)
…check your code for errors please.

nice it works now pretty easy 4/5

How do you want me to make it harder?(note: i don’t use referee)

maybe some shamans? or throwers? or maybe even a brawler flanked with an ogre f

Instead of opening Discourse and pressing the link, is it available by opening CodeCombat and then opening the Forest region??

No. It’s not added to the campaign.

Now its good, but there is still one problem: the fences
Since the ogres and brawler can’t get through the fences… please remove some of the fences, and maybe make the brawler smaller and have less health, since the level is impossible right now.

I know. You have to find a way to defeat the ogres behind the fences. I just made the hole wider

Well I have the close-to-max weapon, boss star III, the consecrating ring (idr the name), 2nd-to-max armor, max shield, and quite a decent program…

Defeat the munchkins, summon archers to kill the ogres and the brawlers

I don’t get enough gold for that…

I removed the brawler

thanks, I’ll try again now

Update: Removed some of the fences, added shamans.

Won by stomping once, but nice game overall.