By Any Other Name gems are blocked (python)

This is how it looks like…
I tried to fetch gems with my pet but the code seems not right.

The point of the level is to change the variable names. If you can’t get gems, it sounds like you haven’t changed the variable names. (Read the blue comments in your source code)

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A couple of things. As @MeetTheTaunt suggested, you aren’t changing the variable names so you don’t have access to the gems.

# Change the names of variables to make gems appear!
# Change the name of variable "enemy1" to "gemDude1".

Also, you are looking for another enemy enemy3 and I’m not sure why. Currently, your glasses don’t allow you to use hero.findNearestItem() so you aren’t seeing the gems. One last detail, even if you change the variable names and get better glasses; the pets can’t carry gems, so they won’t fetch them.