Bye. (15 chars)


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Yay! It’s good to see you back for reals!


I have Covid 19. :neutral_face:

Did you take the vaccine? How did you get it? Can I see the report?

Really unfortunate that you got it. Hope you get well and best wishes.


Hello, it is quite unfortunate that you have Covid. And I truly hope you get better. However, talking more in depth than just saying I have covid, isn’t really allowed here. If you reeealy want to learn more about it @Watamelon, you can pm Ranger for more specific answers for the vaccine.


Is there something you would like to know about vaccinations and immunology? While bacterial infections are my wheelhouse, I would be happy to explain the science behind a viral vaccination, and especially some of the newer ones which came out, which implement new systems on DNA-based as opposed to the mRNA-based vaccines.


This is taken more deeply more than the simple “rules” you are talking about. We are facing a patient who unfortunately caught COVID-19, and we are giving him wishes. I know that you are giving him rule tips, but we need to see the occasion of what is happening here. Someone saying: “I got Covid-19”, and you say: “You broke the rules!” could really hurt someone’s feelings.

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No, I’m not giving him rules, I’m giving you the rules. I’m sorry it came off as me correcting Ranger, as I did not mean it that way. I was correcting you because you were asking all about the vaccine. I’m saying that if you want to learn about vaccines, pm Ranger.
Stating that you have covid is not wrong. Talking a lot about covid is wrong.



I asked how did he get the COVID and to see the report of it. Not the vaccine.

First and again, you should see the occasion of what is happening. If you don’t know of what people meant in their relies, it is the best not to interrupt, or else you might mistaken people.

Second, “Everyone is Different”. Their is no rules of that you cannot ask people about their concerns.

You shouldn’t judge people if their replies aren’t in your flavor, again, everyone is different. We can talk about things as long as it’s according to the rules and on topic. We are here to learn, and to have a good time, not to be judged.

That is it. I hope you have learned from this lesson I taught you. I’m looking for your improvements! :wink:

Okay, that’s enough.

@Watamelon Let me cover something regarding CodeCombat policy: we try to avoid political controversy as it leads to fights over the internet and overall toxicity, which is something we don’t want on this platform. Save that for Facebook and Reddit. That is why he said talking a lot about covid is wrong, as (if you didn’t notice) this is a matter of political controversy. enPointe77 was doing their job.


Uh I’ll say what you said to me. Y’all should stop fighting. :wink:


shes a girl. xD


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Misgender, my bad, g.


Oh, sowwy :sweat_smile:

Didn’t know she was a girl xD. I shouldn’t say those on her.

@RangerGrant9307 Happy birthday!

hey RangerGrant, long time no see!