I will not be replying till February

bye to everyone! P.S. do not @ me


noo riticmaster9087 I am so sad to see you go we will miss you :cry: :cry:

Bye guys :wink:(20 )

Why won’t you be active?

Noooo! A warrior, a friend, gone. The night will welcome you, but do not listen. Always remember your true home. (Wow I should join a drama class after covid)

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no why @riticmaster9087 we need you

bye riticmaster9087. see ya in febuary (he said not to @ him)

I talked with my mom and dad and they said that I can’t do the discourse/codecombat before I am done with my school work and homework, so I may not reply as fast as I used to. So please understand that I might be a little late on the replies. Thanks for understanding! Homare


Cya , ritticmaster8087, All good, Ur a true hero and cya!!