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Can someone tell me what is this error? Codecombat


Mmmmmm I tried my best…
i think the website is faulty.
What is UAdd??
I searched google and there was just no result.
The only thing i say is some Arabic website which i don’t even understand.
Can someone help me?

The level is the dessert Brittle Morale



Welcome to the CodeCombat discourse @Tipic_a. :tada:
I’ve found the/one of the errors.
You’ve put:

enemyIndex =+ 1

That’s incorrect. I’ve also come across the error: Unknown unary operator UAdd. Because it contains the word “add” it would make sense it would be talking about the error I found.
I can see that the rest of your function is correct. So once you’ve fixed that, it should work.
:lion: :lion: :lion: