Can you change components in the level editor?

I was wondering you can make raise dead commandable. E.G In Burning Ices, you cast raise dead on an enemy alchemist, and you can command it to do your bidding as long it is alive. Or you can raise dead a skeleton, and command it to defend stuff. Because corpses affected by raise dead only auto target nearest, I was wondering if you can change the code with a referee or by changing the component.
What I want to do:
In my level things affected by raise dead are commandable.
Please help!

I successfully made it so you can command allied undeads. Now I want to know how to get rid of undead slowness and half health.


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Alright, here’s the problem. I tried to change it in the components tab in the level editor.
Nothing happens. I even tried removing the thing that makes the undead things say ‘Oooo’. Nothing happens. Is it even possible to change components iin the components tab??? Is it possible with a referee?

Please stop pinging me. It’s annoying and it will not help you get an answer more quickly. Patches affect component globally, so your changes will not be accepted since it affect other levels and items. In the future, please refrain from unnecessarily sending patches as I had to go through tons of your patches today and it’s just a waste of my time.


But can I use the code editor to change things in my level ONLY?
Can I do it with a referee to change the magic.castsRaiseDead component in my level exclusively?

Wrote some extra code in the referee to make the heroes the undead thang’s commander. Doesn’t make a difference.
Ref code:

  onFirstFrame: ->
    for c in @world.thangs when is 'humans' and c isnt @hero and c.hasEffect?("undead")
      c.commander = @hero
    for o in @world.thangs when is 'ogres' and o isnt @hero2 and o.hasEffect?("undead")
      o.commander = @hero2

I think I know what the issue is. The raise dead component makes undead auto target the nearest enemy. Despite the fact that the corresponding hero is it’s commander, it still auto targets nearest. When no enemies are left, it follows the orders. Can I fix this? Or is this not possible?

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I’m not too sure as I’ve never touched that area. Bryukh can probably provide a definite answer.

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