Can't access Ace of Coders

I don’t know what the problem is, but Ace of coders never loads for me. Here are a couple of screenshots of what I see:

The first one is what happens from the Kelvintaph Map and the second one is what happens when I use the direct URL.

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Ah, I have another method you can try:

  1. go into inspector (ctrl+shift+c or command+option+c or just right click and there is an option “inspect”)
  2. hold-click the reload page button while having it open
  3. pick “clear cache and hard reload”
  4. sign in, and try loading it again
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It almost looked like it would work, but alas, it didn’t.

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@nick ? can u try to solve this? its happening to me too…

Works fine for me… also, @Bryukh would be better at solving this issue I think

don’t always @ nick, only if it’s been like a week or smth, quite sure he has a lot of things to do :]

how did u make it work?

I didn’t, it never stopped working…

Clear your cookies and cache from whatever browser you’re using

They already tried that lol, check my post before

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Same thing just happened to me on an alt, “error loading from server”

Is there an error message in the JS console when it fails to load?

Attached are pictures of the errors that appeared in the JS Console from each respective page.

Thanks, got it! I’ve made a fix, which will go live sometime before Tuesday.


@nick I have the same problem too

Try again on Tuesday.

I’ll try and thanks!

But I am in Taiwan!!!