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Can't continue the game anymore because palisades are bugged


i’m on Forest Bonemender and i’ve tried everything i know to pass that level but i can’t,
the problem i have is that the AI’s i’m healing go and start attacking a fence instead of guarding the area their suppose to and because of that the orges come in and kill me.

Youtube video of the problem:

in the video i hit the fence so i thought that might have been the cause for triggering them but i tried moving my character away from the fence so she wont attack it but still heal the AI’s and fight orges if they try to come near her, it didn’t matter because the AI’s still go and attack the stupid fence xD

the code i’m using (same code from the Help video)

# Heal allied soldiers to survive the siege.
    if self.canCast("regen"):
        bernardDistance = self.distanceTo("Bernard")
        if bernardDistance < 15:
            # Bernard needs regeneration!
            self.cast("regen", "Bernard")
        chandraDistance = self.distanceTo("Chandra")
        if chandraDistance < 15:
            self.cast("regen", "Chandra")
            enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
            if enemy:
                enemyDistance = self.distanceTo(enemy)
                if enemyDistance < self.attackRange:
        # Use "if" and "distanceTo" to regenerate "Chandra"
        # if she is closer than 10 meters away.
        # If you aren't casting "regen", use "if" and "distanceTo"
        # to attack enemies that are closer than self.attackRange.

Please help me <3


Well, I see the distance check isn’t done properly. The tip tells you :

# Use "if" and "distanceTo" to regenerate "Chandra"
# if she is closer than 10 meters away.

10 meters isn’t 15. I see you’re healing twice Bernard for no reason at 0:08 in the video. He’s already full life. Just wait for the soldiers to come closer and ask for help. Only then you heal them, so you don’t waste a cooldown on a full life target :slight_smile:

Maybe there are other problems, but that is one obvious to me.


oops i didn’t mean to copy and paste that part,
distance was set to 10 and it still happened so not really the problem :
i changed it to 15 when i tried moving my character away from the fence so she will be able heal from far


Alright, I can reproduce the bug. The palisades have undergone some changes lately. So yea, indeed the soldiers attack the palisade, when they clearly shouldn’t. Try another level while it’s getting fixed :smile: (I didn’t watch the video till the end, which explains my first answer)


Alright i’m gonna do the other levels but i think i’m gonna need to finish bonemender eventually :u Thank you for helping me btw :slight_smile:

down with forest i’ve moved to the Desert,
Sad i didn’t finish that level but i learned what i needed from it so its ok by me :wink:
thanks for helping! thread will be open just for the mods to notice so they can fix this little bug :3


The problem is that recently palisades have been made attackable AND default to belonging to the ogres (which is why your soldiers behaved fine while they were near the fences but once they moved to where they could see the palisades…).

So there are still some levels that need tweaking.


Adding to recent palisades can be attacked,
The level Medical Attention in the Desert also has this problem :persevere:

me and my soldiers can’t stop fighting does palisades and the ogres just straight ahead ignore it and fight us…


Welp i’m officially stuck

I can’t pass Medical Attention because of the palisades bug,
any ideas what i can go because i’m anxious to continue but i can’t :disappointed_relieved:

Yes i was able to finish this level!!
i got myself move gems and i bought a stronger sword that helped me destroy the palisades before ogres came to fight and my teammates helped me :smiley: :slight_smile:

While i’m not stuck anymore and i can continue i really hope this bug gets fixed because i’m sure ill run into more palisades and ill have to deal with them in a more “cleaver” way, hope others who have the same bug notice this thread and it will help them :thumbsup:

thread will still be open for others and i will update it if i run into more palisades


Medical Attention has been fixed. If you still see the palisades in that level, please refresh.


I have a problem like that on steelclaw gap(the level) I even did this
" if enemy and enemy.type != ‘Palisade’:"
I already tried it with out the capital but it wouldn’t eather could you fix that or tell me the call for "Palisade’ because I might of had done it wrong


This exlcaty what I did


You’ll notice that you define enemy after you check if it is not a palisade.


thanks I will change it