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Can't play because don't have a class code


I used to play in codecombat one year ago and everything was fine, but now when I go to ‘Continue playing’ or visit “” I automatically going straight to “
"""'My Student Dashboard
Current Hero:Tharin
Change Hero
Ask your teacher if you have a CodeCombat class code! If so, enter it below:

Join'""" I don't have a class, I just want to continue playing, also I can visit my profile page and stats, but play map don't.


Please explain more about what you are talking about. You only gave a line or so explaining your problem. Give more info


Just ask somebody from support to disable student role for your account.
And for now try this link


Thanks a lot, but when I go to play again page go to ‘/students’. Where I can find support page? I was trying to search.


Try “logging out”, then go to “log in” and log in


So, did it work? (20 chars)