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Issue with classes


I have 2 codecombat accounts, one student, and one for the non-student game (with a membership, which i can no longer access the benefits of). I accidentally connected the non-student account to a class, and now can not play the actual game. Is there any way that i can restore my account to the non-student game?

Edit: I got to the actual game by typing in, but it’s still a bit annoying as when i press “play” it takes me to the student view even though i’m not in any classes.


Not very sure how you did this accidentally. But, i do not believe without administrative asistance, that there is anyway to re-make yourself a non-student.


I had my teacher remove me. Do you mean administrative action from CodeCombat itself or the school?


From CodeCombat, the school would have no power over whether your account was registered as a non-student or student. In order to change a direct action on a account. — if it’s possible at all — would be through administrative action from code-combat. That’s an if, i don’t know whether they can change it back or not. But, they are the only ones that would be able to.


Hi Autri_Basu,

You should only become a student by using a ClassCode, either by following a link with a ClassCode in it or by upgrading to a Student account and manually entering a ClassCode.

xExaviorx is right though, we can convert you back into a Home account. Email a message asking us to de-student you.



Gotta love administrators ^^!


I used a class code while having the email that my home account used signed into google (the teacher said to use “sign in with google”) and that’s how it ended up like that. Thanks for the help!