Cant play Crag Tag Help Please

Hi somehow I cant play cragtag, it gives me an arrow to equip something that’s restricted in this level :confused:

Any help would be really appreciated!

you need boots with the “move function” if the boots, don’t have it, you can’t play it, just buy the boots of jumping and click play


Buy the cheapest move boots - Compound Boots. Boots of Jumping are slow. Wait to increase your level and gems and buy the best boots - Boots of Leaping. I have made this mistake myself

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I completed level with boots of jumping, it won’t affect if you win or lose, just the time.

Thankyou so much @Not_a_User!! – same problem but solved instantly.

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@Apple_314159 you should not revive old topics just to say thank you.

Sorry, I am new to CodeCombat Discourse. Try not to in future

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Ok. No problem. :wink: Just don’t do that often.