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Question on Crag Tag


Um… it requires me to buy the compound boots which give me movement speed + 2m/s. However, I have the reinforced boots that also give + 2m/s but also + 8health. I don’t know why it would require me to buy the compound if I already have reinforced. I probably shouldn’t worry about that + 8 health, but I really don’t want to spend gems, so can anybody tell me if there is any difference between the two other than that which is mentioned above?

Edit: I figured out that they had some different commands. Is that why we need the compound boots (they give the maxSpeed and move commands)? If that’s the case, I’ll probably just buy the boots of leaping, because I’m nowhere near level 66 :).


What do you mean, you’re nowhere near level 66? The Compound Boots should be already available to you.


No I mean, if that’s the reason, I’m going to buy the best boots I can right now. I have all boots except for the ones unlocked at level 66, so I’ll be able to use them for a while.


Ah, I see. In that case, go right ahead.