Can't watch the video


I’m just wondering why i can’t see the video (on the left of the screen) and all animations ? I reboot my browser, check if i had the latest version of javascrip. Everything looks good, but it doesn’t work…

How can i fix that ?

ok, so i guess i’ll never play this game.


Sorry @TgR, it sounds like this bad bug we have been experiencing where the video graphics don’t work. Do you just see a gray screen there? We haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it yet, unfortunately.

(If it’s not the gray screen thing, please let me know.)

Which browser is it, by the way–do both Firefox and Chrome do the same thing for you?

Hi, it works on firefox but not on chrome. I checked if the java version was the last, and it is. So i’ll play on firefox.

If you want more informations, let me know.

I have subscriber and cannot see the videos when I go to the help screen

@Feinty We haven’t uploaded all the help videos for the levels past Haunted Kithmaze yet, but we will soon.

Oh now wonder thanks again nick.