Capture their flag

is there even a way to beat capture thier flag at all?

can you give me a link to the level please? ? - for all who wished it

can you show me your code? please

i dont have code i have absolutely no idea what to do

oh then i don’t know how to help you sorry

im going to summon a few people real quick @Deadpool198
@Chaboi_3000 @dedreous

i kept on thinking it wasn’t on glacier until i realised the icy background :laughing: and i’m glad they added a new level on glacier

it isnt new its secret you cant access it unless you use link

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um i can see it on the glacier wdym?

wait its not new wattttttttttt

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only like 88 people know it

oh (20 really annnoying chars)

Well, it looks like you can first destroy the enemy bot thing (the one with the claws) by summoning troops, and after you’ve destroyed the bot, tell your troops to attack the enemy hero. While your hero captures the flag.
P.S. I have no code for this level, but it seems like a good strategy.

I know this level. In this level you can command robots, who will attack enHero/enemies. Also, there you need to capture other team flags. And every your idea will be good! (I think)