Cast Root vs. Cast Fear - Which Should I Use?

Which is better? I don’t know. When I cast root on my enemy, my enemy can’t move. It might say, “I can’t get there”. But when I cast fear, the enemy runs away saying “Eeek!” Since they both stop my enemy from doing something, I am not sure which one to pick on.


  • do they last the same length of time?
  • is it better for the enemy to be where they are or some “random” location?
  • If you are going to attack them then rooted in one spot would seem better.
  • can you take both into a level or only one, if both then alternate.
  • Multiplayer - the villian (other hero) can pick up coins while “running scared” (unless that has changed).

They both do last the same amount of time, but Root has a lower cool down. As such, I recommend Root.

On the other hand, eventually you will have to upgrade to another wand, and Fear would be all you have left.

Given that every ability has a separate cooldown it makes sense to use all the abilities that you have.


When I cast fear, my enemy that is feared cannot do anything. It just runs away saying "Eeek!"
When you castFear on the enemy hero in multiplayer games, in Zero Sum, they cannot summon troops or cast spells or do what your code tells it to do.


When I cast root, my enemy cannot move. Best to use it when a big ogre is coming. I suggest that I should use it especially in Multiplayer treasure grove. Also they can still follow commands except moveXY() commands.

**What should I use?**

I guess that I should use both. In case I have to upgrade into another one, I’ll use fear more.