Clash of clones advice

I know that there is no 1 solution but advice would be nice

Can you send me your code?


P.S. I can’t help you forever since I have to go to bed soon

My advice for you is to wear not-that-good armor and equip sword and shields(if you’re warrior), or equip guns and bombs (if you’re ranger) that have special abilities such as throw, bash, power-up, and cleave. And go for the archers and then fall back to the back.

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ok thanks i will try that

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this is what I wore this image long sword and some shield that can bash are great options

as was I was doing the level I got this code for clash of clones

while True:
    if flag: 
    elif enemy:

If it is a solution please delete it. Posting full solutions against rules on Forum.

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no it is not in just wondering if this is what other people did because I do the flags the guy survives a little while but then dies