Clash of Clones help needed!

Please help me with Clash of Clones I’ve been stuck literally FOREVER!

Please post your code so we can help you

hero.moveXY(66, 66)
while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:
        if hero.isReady("cleave"):

That’s my code.

It’s not a problem with the code. You just have to be insanely tactical. So use chain lightning or something that the opponent can’t do. And avoid the yaks

Sure, but I don’t have any of the special powers granted by the characters – I’m not a member.

No, you can still beat it without the subscriber heroes. I’m saying use bash() and the emperor’s gloves and use flags to beat the level. Heroes doesn’t necessarily matter in this level. Think like a gamer, and you’ll be it.

It works but the hero always dies no matter what code I use.

Try reading the other topics about Clash of Clones. Also use chain lightning on the archers, as it will eliminate all, or most of them.

How would you use chain lightning? Do you need some gear?

As I stated a few posts above, you need the emperor’s gloves.

The emperor’s gloves cost 3300 gems. How do you get that much??

Normally you would’ve gotten that much by then. Unless you spent them on armor. The point in this level is, is that you have the same HP, same equipment but the opponent hero can’t use the abilities. So armor doesn’t matter. (Except for when you have like 100.)

Sure. I’ve been playing the re-playable levels like Sarven Siege and Sarven Treasure.