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[Closed] Game Testers Application

What is the Game Testers?

Game Testers is a group of heroes joining to help CodeCombat improve by balancing, sharing ideas, giving feedback, etc.

Application Requirements

Note: Meeting the requirements does not mean you are automatically accepted. These are the baseline requirements to be eligible for application.

  • At least Trust Level 2+(Member or higher)
  • Must be proficient at Desert Levels
  • Must be a forum member for at least 100 days. (Approx. 3 months)
  • Must be a CodeCombat User for at least 6 months

Exceeding these requirements will improve chances of acceptance.

What are we looking for?

We seek highly dedicated users willing to invest some of their time in testing new game features and helping improve CodeCombat

Can I reapply?

If you haven’t received a response in a month, then you may reapply. Please note that if you are found to be attempting to submit 2 or more responses within a single month, your application will automatically be rejected. Note that you will only receive a response if you have been accepted.

Are these members permanent?

No. Every time a testing session is over, the members will be reset in order to provide a fair experience for everyone. However, members that have previously contributed to the group and showed positive contributions will have a better chance to be accepted again. This helps us have constant active members by making sure they are still active after each testing session. As time goes on, the quality of applications will greatly improve over time, which means there will be higher expectations for the quality of applications as time goes on.

Last note

As a token of appreciation, any current Game Tester Members will be given the “Game Testers Member” title. However, if you lose membership in this group, the title will be removed. Additionally, a badge will be sent to current members.


Quick update to let you know that you can now apply in this forum by going to the Game Testers group page and clicking request and applying using the format here. Users who already applied via. Google Forms do not have to apply again. Another note that @Testing_Group staff members are now required to apply to make sure we get constant activity.

Applications are closing Monday 12/7 so please make sure you apply! @Testing_Group, staff members(TL4) must also reapply! Please apply before the specified date.

All applications have been reviewed and applications are closed for the month.