Help Playtest the New CodeCombat iPad App

Hi! Want to help beta-test the new CodeCombat iPad app? Let’s do this!

We are aiming to launch the app in late November, so we need your help to find bugs, smooth out the design, improve performance across various types of iPads, and make this an awesome way to learn to code on mobile.

We’re using HockeyApp to do the beta testing, and it should make it pretty easy for you to download new builds, report bugs, and give feedback.

The app requires iOS 8, so iPad 1 is not supported.

Cool? Sign up for playtesting here.


WOW EPIC !!! :smiley: I always wished you guys would develop an iPad App :smiley:

so cool,i have ipad mini2 and ipad3

Yes, this app is fantastic!!! Thanks Nick, keep up the good WORK!! :wink:

I have an iPad Pro 12.9 and I have applied to be a beta tester. Do I need a premium account for this? :grin:

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How long is the wait list for being accepted into the beta?

Until the admins accept it.

Hi there folks,

This app has been delayed while we improve on other aspects of the site. We will let everyone know when we need testers again.


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Closed due to postponed creation of app.