Closed Poll: Should move-boots also provide moveXY?

  • No. Boots that give move should not give any other move-command.
  • Yes. If the boot provides move, it should also provide moveXY.
  • More Yes. The boots should not only give moveXY, but also moveUp, moveRight ect.
  • Other (Comment below).

Continuing the discussion from The new boots and move vs moveXY:

I like keeping the lower move commands so that old code can run without changing boots.

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More Yes or just Yes. I feel that giving people options to have the boots work with old cold is a great thing. Plus it makes it easier to scale the boots in people’s minds. “Addition vs Subtraction”.

Okay, I’ve added the moveXY APIs. I don’t want to add moveUp, moveLeft, moveDown, and moveRight because 1) that takes up too much space in the API area, 2) they’re really not that useful, and 3) the code that makes the simple movement happen also triggers a bunch of other simplified movement in general on your hero, which you don’t want in the later levels.

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Is it possible to have all boots do moveDirection only in the “moveDirection” levels? I would guess that that is the only place anybody wants it anyway.

If they really want moveDirection for other levels:

def moveUp():
def moveRight():
def moveDown():
def moveLeft():

There :smiley: moveDirection for moveXY boots. :wink:

This poll is now closed.

Due to public demand, the moveXY method has been added to all boots. Due to developers demand, the move<direction> methodes have not been added.

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