Cloudrip Mountain Alpine Rally Help

The iron link is bordered but it is restricted and the arrow goes absolutely nowhere, so I can’t even play. I lost a bunch of gems trying to get the stuff, but is doesn’t work. Please help

Hello! Did you try to scroll up? The arrow should show the neccesary and allowed item.

The iron link is usually the item that the arrow points at and it is bordered. Here’s another image:

Oh, I meant scroll up to the very beginning. The needed item should be coloured.

if you were looking at the required section here’s the other gear

as you can see, the wanted ones are in the normal section

there is no required section and the arrow points at one spot and stays there even if it is pointing at nothing.

Yeah, this is strange, have you seen any other “green” items when scrolling?

Alpine rally has some bugs with what items it lets you choose; it made it look like I needed the crypt key to beat it. I’m pretty sure you just need to pick pender (maybe with the speed ring) and it will let you play?

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