Alpine Rally - Can´t play it

Hello, I have a problem with the level Alpine Rally in Cloudrip Mountain.
Basically I´m stuck because a bracelet is required, but all the bracelets I have are restricted for this level. Any idea if I´m doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

codecombat_error, Alpine Rally, Cloudrip Mountain 01

Hello @nagash ,welcome back!
I think the problem is that you need to use pender

Exactly Pender or any wizard?
Because I‘ve tried with Nalfar but doesn‘t work anyway (Pender is still locked).
Thank you!

Exactly Pender

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Nope, also with Pender I get the same problem.

Yes, because they can help you go far away from the yeti, you cant use speed ring too

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Ok but then you know which item do I need to buy? I can´t access the level at all

You need to equip the elemental codex for the haste spell.

I have it, still need bracelets and rings but they are all restricted.

The earthskin and invis rings work for me (although I think you only need 1).

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That was the issues. Thanks so much!