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Cloudrip mountain first level bug

I finally finished clash of clones and I quickly tried the levels in cloudrip mountain. But it seems stuck. It tells me to use the softened leather boots but it said it is restricted. Can anyone help me with this bug?
And here is the photo of the bug:

I hope the creators will help me. Thanks!
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I sometimes get confused with where/what the arrow is pointing at. In this case, I think it’s just pointing out that you need a different set of boots. If by first level you mean Crag Tag, I used Boots of Leaping.

oh! but after I bought the softened leather boots, I have no more money.

Ah! So it happens elsewhere, too! Thanks for the info!

I opened a bug report here:
for this issue, but related to pet selection. It would be super helpful, I think, for the developers to have more replication data. Is there any chance you might consider adding this information to the existing bug report (it would be best to consolidate this info since it is the same issue, rather than open a new report) at the link I gave you above so more parameters are available for diagnosing and fixing?

Thanks for posting this!!

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ok! thanks for helping!