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First level not loading


Hello I have recently tried to play codecombat but on the first level it hangs at about 37% and I am using windows 8 and have looked at many things to try to fix this but what I found helped me with NOTHING :scream:. So I made an account for this website so I can see if anyone knows how to fix it. Thank You :smile:


Try chrome. I found this glitch with Safari. Another thing is reload the page a million times.


Wiilli I am using chrome but thanks for trying will try the other thing.


Try to do all the basics, like refreshing your browser page (i.e, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer), if that doesn’t work then which your browser network. Change it to something recent like Google Chrome. Or the system is a bit glitch and if so, ask @nick, he’s know what to do! :smiley:And if all of the above doesn’t work then just make a new account.


It would help to check your browser JavaScript error console to see if there are any error messages indicating why it is not loading (look for red messages and upload them here).


Thank you nick I looked at it and managed to fix it somehow and if you want to know how I really don’t know myself but I looked at it then it just worked and I PROMISE it wasn’t working before thanks to all of you who gave me suggestions and devoting a small amount of time to trying to help a kid like me have a merry christmas or hanukkah or kwanzaa.