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I have just ran into this problem in my new level I created. I don’t know if I accidently deleted something that is needed for this. What happens is when I test my level, My hero doesn’t show up and I have no methods, so my findFlag method is giving me an error. How do I fix this?
Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 1.01.56 PM

(The name of my level is “The Mighty Avenger”)

Did you use a template or start from scratch.

If you go to the level editor page and create a new level, those are the settings there are. I don’t know if I accidently deleted one of them.

no i think you have to create one

When you create a level, everything is preset, and you can tamper with it. I just solved this one problem. I must have accidently changed the level type to campaign, when it is supposed to be hero.

Okay marks as solved please. Thank You

There is no marked as solved button in the Adventurer category. I might need future help for the level editor stuff.

Okay now I need help with setting a goal for collecting items. I know how to set a goal to defeat certain thangs or make sure certain thangs survive, but how do I set a goal for the Here Placeholder to collect a chest of gems? This is my current configuration:
Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 2.05.28 PM

@Deadpool198 could you help me out with this one?

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@Deadpool198 I have never dealt with item collecting goals.

I have a feeling that the incorrect part is the Targets part.

Maybe instead of target try using item in it’s place

When I wrote “Collect”, it came up as who and target, so who needs to collect what.

Also, how do I set optional goals, I know that there is a Optional setting, but for my optional goal to collect the items, the level says incomplete because I didn’t get the second treasure. Here is what happens:

I have defeated all the ogres, but don’t get the bonus as complete, and because I didn’t collect the treasure in the room of fire, the level says it is incomplete. How do I fix this?

Now it says success after I complete everything, but it only shows success for the first goal, not the two optional goals. These are both of the configurations for the goals:

Add a collectable item(ie. coin, chest, gem, etc.) to the level. And whatever the “name” of the item(ie. Gem) is what you’d put in the collect goal’s target. Additionally, if you want the player to collect a certain number of gold, you could do like:

@setGoalState 'collect-items', 'success' if @inventory.teamGold.humans.collected >= 100

Okay, thank you.

No I have a problem, where even though I complete all of the goals, the last goal doesn’t show up as success. It is an optional goal, so do I have to make it mandatory?

Just delete the optional part of the goal and you should be set. :+1:

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I want it to be optional to kill the ogres.

I’m confused. Do you want it mandatory or optional?

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