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A Thesis: inventory.equips & other concerns


As part of my thesis, I’m trying to create several independent Codecombat levels for an educational game, which I would like to be available to play simply via direct-link, without the need to register.

Playing with the level editor has been slow, but these are my main problems that I really need help with (at least for now!):
1)I cannot find how to choose a specific hero- is Hero Placeholder the only way to put a hero? When opened up via direct link without logging in, I simply get the first available hero with just Simple Boots.
2)I would really like to have specific gear available for each level. Like, how previewing levels in the teacher’s section worked. inventory.equips() seems to be perfect for this, but alas, the choices I make don’t show up!

Thank you in advance for any help, it is extremely important to me. I would really like to be able to use CodeCombat to create these levels, and hopefully I’ll be able to bring more people in the community that way.

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Hi @Odysseus, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse :tada:

I’ve found the same thing, I think this always happens unless you make it so you have to click on the level from the map and restrict heroes, equipment etc.
I’m not sure how you do it without the level being part of the campaign, @Chaboi_3000, do you know?

Thank you! I was afraid this might be the case. Hopefully, there’s a workaround to this, otherwise…