CodeCombat: Medical Attention... Help?

Please help me, I’ve looked at other forums and taken their advice, but I just can’t pass the level.
(I have the long sword and 361 health points. The problem is that the humans keep dying.)

        currentHealth =
        healingThreshold = self.maxHealth / 3
        enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())
        distance = self.findFriends()
        if currentHealth < 100:
            self.moveXY(65, 45)
            self.say("heal me")
        if enemy:
            self.move({"x": enemy.pos.x, "y":enemy.pos.y})
            if self.isReady("cleave"):
                if self.distanceTo(enemy) < 6:
                if distance > 5:


The only thing I can suggest is to reduce the amount of hit points you would have left before you heal up. Also, heal whenever there are no enemies.

What is the variable distance for? You define it as a list of your friends, but you also compare it to an integer. Why?

To add to the above:

  • you define healingThreshold but you don’t use it (hint: compare it with your current health)

  • if you use distance to hold the distance to your enemy, then use it and don’t calculate it again:

if self.distanceTo(enemy) < 6:
  • if you need healing and there is an enemy, you’ll try to do both (hint: use elif) – this is not really a “problem”

  • you attack your enemy (this will automatically move your hero to the enemy, except if you have a ranged weapon), and then you check if the enemy is more than 5 units away:

self.attack(enemy)      # this moves you to the enemy 
if distance > 5:        # so you will never shield

Thank you so much, I did what you suggested and I still didn’t beat it, but I bought the flags that were allowed in the level, added the find flag code, and I beat it!
Also, to answer @ChronistGilver 's question, I was trying to shield my ‘friends’ but it didn’t really work. I guess I forgot to erase it.