Completing The Great Yak Stampede

Hi! First, thank you to Kevin Holland for the new level! It was an interesting challenge. I wanted to post about the strategy I used to complete it. I don’t know precisely how the the level was intended to be won, but I finished it by moving through the village and out of the fence, then walking around to create a line of fences in front of the fire-trap field. I blew myself up once or twice :slight_smile: but I had plenty of time before the stampede hit.

Were we intended to navigate the fire-trap field to complete the level? If so, perhaps you could post some hints about your strategy, or add some extra comments to your level. :slight_smile: I’d love to have some ideas as to how to do that; it’d be awesome.

Anyway, I’d love to hear back, and thanks again for making a new level!

I was hoping to be able to figure out how to walk through a fire-trap field. Great level, I finished in the same way Lionne descried. Three Cheers for opensource-software and player created content.

If someone know how to code the character for a minefield run please share. :smile:

I mean, come on. Mines and stuff?

Back to topic. You can simply walk around. You’ll be able to see the yaks when you reach the red cross, but you still can build the fence.
Simply try walking to (13, 31) first, then give the build-command.

But congratulations. Making it through that field was surely a tedious work. Faster than my version for sure.

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Actually you had it right on the money. however. you only have to place a single fence right on the X. No need to place multiple fences … but they won’t hurt! I was supposed to be a pretty simple level. (oh and i wanted an excuse to auto explode peasants when the level started :slight_smile:

At this point I want to add that it was Kevin who programmed the chain-explosives in the first way. Without him, the peasants wouldn’t have to fear anything.

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ya, it was a pretty simple level – not sure about the challenge; liked the explosives, though.

Lol! I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one to enjoy the exploding peasants :slight_smile:

Explain me please why level is INCOMPLETE, actually I build two fences and stop that yaks/ Is it a BUG?

I can stop them even earlier BUT still incomplete

Build fence only on Red X.

I was trying to build on red X but often I cause an explosion so I moved fence away from bombs

hero.moveXY(31, 27) and then build fence …

Why not remove the obligatory “X” and say: “Save the village with fence(s).” There will be multiple solutions and it’s fun to see yaks passing by :slight_smile: