The Great Yak Stampede Is there anything that I forget to do?

The yak herd just was blocked .But what should I do next? The next level doesn’t load

i think the yaks should pass the village, so they should move from top to bottom. That means that u could not finish the level, because they cant move to bottom. Try this…

Yes, bmmtstb, is correct. Your job is to block the top opening to the village and the yaks then pile up on the fence below/beside the village. If they don’t pile up there (the provided fence holds them) then there is no success.

Though I like Elbow’s idea. @sotonin should consider to specify this better.

just create flags to have move, build, functions. I literally played the game instead of coding. LOLs.

I think i specified it pretty clearly with the big red x.


I did what you told me but the herd got stuck there :worried:

The yaks got stuck .They turn their faces to the village and I think the yaks have no intention to go to the bottom :fearful:

Um . . . you are “supposed” to build one fence (unit) on the red “X”…

In this case “a fence” means “one fence unit”.

Again i state. the red x is there for a reason to place the one fence that it tells you to build. :slight_smile: I will not modify a level for the exception who doesn’t follow directions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for you help ! The herd passed by the village!

The instructions only say that you have to move to the red mark, they don’t say anything about where the fence needs to be.

Here are the instructions:

// Save the village by blocking the path of the incoming sand yak herd.
// Move closer to the red X.
// Build a fence.

You could change the last comment like this:
// Build a fence on it.

I feel that it’s self-explanatory/implied that it wants you to build one fence directly on the red X. It wouldn’t make sense any other way personally.