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Computer Science 2 -> Woodland Cubbies (Javascript)

From the teacher menu, I went to Computer Science 2 -> Woodland Cubbies (Javascript)

Under goals it says: pass doesn’t mean anything. It helps close if-statements. Otherwise the python interpreter raises an error

However, since this is the Javascript version, I don’t think that should be there.

Hi @wbarnum! Welcome to the community!
As I was saying, I choose Javascript as my default language, and I went to check the Woodland Cubbies level, and I’ve seen exactly what you’ve seen, even though I’m not a student account.
If you go and select characters, you can also select the programming language. You’ll see that the default language is Python, so expect the docs to be kind of (thinking to myself: “How should I put this?”) biased towards Python. I’m not a staff member, so I can’t really directly help you. But I can do this:
Screams Hey @Chaboi_3000, @MunkeyShynes, we need some help here!
That’s what I can do most. Hopefully they’ll see this.
Have a good time in CodeCombat and the forums!

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