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Woodland Cubbies problem [solved]


Code runs fine and level completes but then when select “Submit” code only goes part way and then hangs.


It’s because you’ve got no # at the begginning of

and you have to get rid of these:

Hope this helps!
P.S does your character have a red circle around them?


thanks for replying, but those were just artifacts/errors of pasting my code into discourse. they don’t exist in the actual code.


Oh it seems to be a bug then, with mine it works fine. @maka can help you, he’s the moderator bug person.


I logged in on your account and was able to submit successfully with your existing code. Are you still having trouble with this level?

Oh no! They know my secret!



Haha. Loooool, worded that wrong! nice picture btw.


I logged in from a different computer and was able to complete the level, so not sure what the problem was but I am not having it any more. Thanks for your help.


Now that we know the issue is solved, please hide your solution (we try not to give away solutions in the forums).




maka = god bug moderator hacker person