Continuous Alchemy Help

I can’t seem to find my mistake and the site is indicating no errors or red crosses. Why won’t it work?
Btw they are all aligned in the game, disregard the alignment here,
enemy = …
item = …
if not enemy:

if not item:
        self.say("Give me a drink!")
        if item:
            if item.type != "poison":

As a player who joined this forum a week ago, one would think you would have read the FAQ by now. Please do so. Instruction on proper formatting is located inside.

You only check if item: if if not item: is True. This is a contradiction in terms.

Yes, but when I remove the if item it tells me to put it back…

I didn’t say to remove the if item:. I mean for you to move it back until it is on the same level of indentation of if not item: .

Oh haha just realized that mistake. So dumb on my part. Thanks man!

wait when I try this code, my character won’t move. And when he did move, he ignored the fact that he was supposed to say “give me a drink”. Im so confused. :confused:
Plz help!