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Could People change their usernames?


It would be really cool if people can change their usernames in discourse. Could it be possible to enable the editing of someone’s username?
Thanks ! :grin::whale2:


There are several drawbacks introduced by allowing users to change their usernames whenever they want:

Changing usernames regularly would be really odd from an users perspective. That’s like changing your gmail address whenever you want.

Note that all @username references to that user in post text will be broken after the name change.

See this discussion for details.

On a side note, moderators and admins have the ability to change other users’ usernames, as long as there is a good reason to do so.


OOOoohhh :octopus:. Okay. Thanks, I get it now.:+1:


But before, you could change it, right?


When new users register, they have a grace period time (a few days) where they are still able to change their username. Quoting the previously linked thread:

[…] it is a limit after creation. There is a grace period for new accounts to change their username.


Hi @UltCombo, is it alright if you change my name From BreninLlywd, to BreninLlwyd, or if you can’t, refer me to someone who can, as I spelt it wrong in the first place, and I can’t change it any more.
Thanks in advance.


@BreninLlywd he last viewed this forum a year ago. So he probably can’t reply to you. I think for that issue, @MunkeyShynes can help you :slight_smile:


Done (20 characters)


It was from 2 years ago, not 1.


No(look at his profile)


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