Possible to change username?[SOLVED]

Is It possible to change my username anyone?

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@Deadpool198 @Chaboi_3000 @abc @Luke10 any of y’all know?

No it is not. The only place that can(that I know of) is the Discord.

What is the discord?

Are you above 13 @Archipelago-Gold

if you aren’t I can’t let you in, if you are I will PM you a link to it

Oh you mean the app discord don’t you

and yes i am far above 13

back on topic pm me 20 chars

Is it possible like at all?

Here on the Discourse it is impossible

But i looked and it used to be

I wonder if i still can change it

No you can’t @Archipelago-Gold

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okay then :<

this is solved

@Archipelago-Gold , you can change your username, but you can only do it within the first 3 days you joined.

@Chaboi_3000 can help with that.

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Thanks monsty :> …

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Yes that is the case for discourse @Archipelago-Gold . But of course with other apps such as discord, instagram and etc. you can change your username